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Meet Blazey™

The Blazey™ is a robust torch flame lighter that’s excellent for camping, outdoor cooking, or just enjoying your cigar.
We made Blazey™ with love to build the lighter we wanted. Usually, all quality lighters are bulky, but we wanted to make something smaller, so it fits in a pocket but at the same time is powerful enough to light campfires, cigars, grills, etc.

Low Toxicity, Odorless & Clean Burning

Don’t be scared of the small size. Blazey™ lighter is tiny and compact but still satisfyingly heavy.

We added many fantastic materials to this small piece of treasure; good looking gunmetal, matte black, or chrome finish wrapped in stainless steel.

Blazey uses butane gas; you won’t feel any chemicals taste on your cigars. Butane burns cleaner and, unlike other gases, is less toxic.

Blazey™ Torch Lighter
Blazey™ Torch Lighter
Windproof Flame

The Blazey™ can be used both – indoors and outdoors. The flame is windproof. Yes, a steady flame even in windy air conditions. Becasue of the angular construction, firing up is comfortable even with one hand operation; you can use Blazey at any angle, even upside down.

best cigar torch lighter
Sleek and Modern Design That Easily Fits Into Hand

We guarantee you will fell in love with Blazey™ from the first use. It is so practical; it slips in your hand perfectly. Hand safe design – never burn your fingers. Also, to guarantee you never crack a lighter or burn your pocket, the nozzle protector locks down after every use.

Ideal for Toasting & Lighting Cigars
Perfect for Lighting Cigars

We smoke cigars often, so we know how annoying it may be if you don’t have the right lighter. But no more worries, the Blazey™ is here; practical choice for everyone. Comfortable grip, steady light, clean burn makes it the perfect torch lighter to toast and light every time.

best cigar torch lighter
Stunningly Effective Design

Even if you are an enthusiastic lighters fan, I bet you have never seen this sharp and compact lighter before. The Blazey™ is a unique, perfect gift for everyone.

Blazey™ Torch Lighter
Fast, Steady, Odorless Burn

The Blazey uses butane, and it allows to reach the flame temperature up to 1300 °C/2372 °F fast. And the flame is steady, consistent, and strong. The flame is without any odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At Blazey™, we’re dedicated to customer happiness, and our lighters
are made to last the wear and tear of daily use. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty.

“If you need a neat, modern, scratch-resistant lighter that keeps the flame going on your cigar, then choose Blazey™!”

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4.9/5 Average Rating – Displaying the most recent 15 reviews

cigar torch lighter review

Gary L.

Verified customer: Yesterday

Lighter seems surprisingly good in my hand. I like it. It’s also very affordable that I can buy a pair at once.

cigar torch lighter review

Carrington F.

Verified customer • 2 days ago

I love the style; the torch lighter is stylish, made of quality materials, feels comfortable in my hand.

cigar torch lighter review

Connor M.

Verified customer • 3 days ago

I have had several torch lighters before, and this one replaced the last one, which was good but old. So far, I like it. I can't say I am in love with it, but it is very OK. Have to adjust to the small size.

cigar torch lighter review

John R.

Verified customer • 5 days ago

Arrived in 5 days, it is fantastic lighter, easy to fill the gas. I love the package as well.

cigar torch lighter review

Tommy T.

Verified customer • 6 days ago

My ideal torch lighter!

cigar torch lighter review

Ricky W.

Verified customer • 7 days ago

I am thrilled with my order; the Blazey is convenient, slips easily in my pocket. The pretty fast delivery package was very well protected.

cigar torch lighter review

Harvey S.

Verified customer • 1 week ago

I bought 2 each in a different color. I love how it looks; even the package is very stylish. It works really well; the flame is clean. I can recommend it.

cigar torch lighter review

Daniel T.

Verified customer • 1 week ago

The lighters are of high quality

cigar torch lighter review

Jack Q.

Verified customer • 2 week ago

I got this on my birthday and asked my father where he got it as I wanted to leave a review and tell everyone how good it is. I love it.

cigar torch lighter review

Angelo T.

Verified customer • 2 week ago

Great lighter, I like the color, the flame is nice and steady.

cigar torch lighter review

Andrew K.

Verified customer • 2 week ago

Slim design. I love how simple this one is to refill.

cigar torch lighter review

Tom C.

Verified customer • 3 week ago

I like the design. I am happy with the purchase.

cigar torch lighter review

Martha C.

Verified customer • 1 month ago

Pros: Weight and materials design. Cons: A bit uncomfortable flame pressure adjustment

cigar torch lighter review

Max D.

Verified customer • 2 month ago

Nice lighter, worth the price. Perfectly lies in hand.

cigar torch lighter review

Anthony I.

Verified customer • 3 month ago

Excellent design. Everything is perfect, and I am satisfied